Tuesday, 18 January 2011

a letter to my patient

to you my patient, and to the family of my patient,

I'm sorry because i was very sleepy last night.
I've been standing so long when you keep following me.
I couldn't answer your repeated questions.
And I was a little bit annoyed because you keep asking me the same question.
I did give you my answer, maybe you just weren't satisfied.

I couldn't do anything because it is the administration problem.

They did the radiation process,
And they have to interpret it first,
But the radiology doctor was sleeping.
I don't have the authority to change anything.

They have to cool down the machine,
Besides "cooling down" their eyes..

I'm sorry to let you wait that long..
And I'm sorry if I answered you inappropriately..

p/s : Happy 26th Birthday to my sister :)

3 wonderful voice(s):

HuiMay said...

However inappropriate yang Yah dapat jawab, mesti still considered dalam kategory 'appropriate'. So Yah jangan risau k :)

Rafahiah Haron said...

Amy, thank you =)

Wazie Wahidah said...

sabar aja ya. positive2, bukan salah ko pun kan. hehehe

tq2 4 the wish :))

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