Monday, 22 December 2008

the NEGATIVE part of me..

i was reading one of my friends' post, which makes me feel a lil bit sad. huhu. i have always been the one who thinks too much about small THINGS..(i guess i WILL ALWAYS BE..). I was the one to decide everything that have been decided, now why should i care thinking of its rationality? "Let bygones be bygones" ~( i still remember those words blurted out by one of my doctors during my OSCE exam,in the most-sarcastic-ever tune, which i think was very effective in letting someone down. Lucky i AM (which means ALWAYS) not that kind of girl HE thinks. I AM the coolest person on earth if only he would like to know that..huhu)

When people say something that would indirectly mean = i AM doing things they don't like to do, or staying in places they don't like to stay (i mean = jatinangor, in case you think im talking about my lovely hometown in malaysia) it makes me sad. WHY yah? (i mean, why rafahiah??) I am a strong girl, i always know that. But when it comes to the NEGATIVE PART of me, it's hard to find the "stronger part" anymore.

I need inspiration, i need motivation. (BUT I KNOW I ALWAYS HAVE THEM with me).huhuhuhu.Should i ask for more? (YOU KNOW THE ANSWER : No, you should be grateful for everything HE gave you). I don't know how other people would act if they were in my place.. BUT the only thing i know, everyone has his/her own problem.. their problems may be worse than mine. I always try to put myself in other people's problem, and most of the time, it makes me feel nervous.What if i get into things they have been into? Yah, you should be thankful, that's all.

I'm sorry to bring out 'this kind of me'. People will never get the point, if i were in this negative part.. so much the same.. and will never come out with a conclusion. IT'S NOT A PROBLEM, IT IS JUST ME BEING SO NEGATIVE, THINKING TOO MUCH about the SMALLEST THING in the WORLD..huuuu..

p/s: I'M NOT AFRAID of BEING HERE~sekian.

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