Tuesday, 7 December 2010


masa-masa fragile ni la rasa mahu curhat saja di blog. bukan berharap semua orang baca.. cuma bila menulis, rasa terluah satu masalah. dunno why..becoz sharing in facebook doesn't seem to be a good solution coz everybody will read it.. & that is definitely not my intention..

2nd on-call in surgery department was not as exciting as my 1st one..because i'm sick..i can't work up any enthusiasm for the whole 12 hours, even worse, although i passed my ENT department, i still can't treat my own disease..i can't even relieve the symptoms. i can feel there is something in my maxillary sinus, but i can't make it go away..i did try taking some drugs so that i can work maximally for today's on-call, but it only works for 6 hours, the symptoms recurred in the next 6 hours, which make my hours feel like days.

Did I tell u that my greatest weakness for the whole of my life (so far) is when i'm having a flu. I dunno whether i'm exaggerating my symptoms or it's really unpleasant, coz i don't know what other people feel when they're having flu. So i'm not able to compare. All I need is total bed rest. I can (sometimes) tolerate my dysmenorrhea, more than i can tolerate flu. I'm shivering, i feel my body temperature is increasing, but when i measure my body temperature with my newly-bought thermometer, it is only 37.2 degree Celcius. Normal human body temperature (average) is 36.9 plus minus 0.5.

The only new skill i learned today is hecting (menjahit luka). Tak tahu lah tangan tremor or tak, but saya jahit dengan sangat tak bersemangat coz tak selesa dengan runny nose~

i should take an immuno-booster~

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NanA said...

kak yah, same goes to me. tapi for me, mybe both hving flu & dysmenorrhea sama jak. huhu, stil cnt tolerate. But, i know i hv to forced myself to.huhu. i know what it feels like working in a uncomfortable condition. tp still juga kna kuatkn diri untuk bt smua tu. org ckp, mkin kita fkir skt tu, makin kta rasa skt dia(mkin lemah). kdg2 tu la yg sy try bt. bt2 mcm x skt. mgkin ok ckit. pastu sibukkan diri dgn bt mcm2 keja. tissue jgn ckp la, btimbun2 hbis kna pkai. last2 ok jg. kdg2 kalo x ble thn sgt br mkn ubat. after tu br ok ckit. k.yah bnykkn rehat. get well soon! :)

Betta sp said...

selsema mmg buat kita rasa xselesa, nak buat keje apa pon mmg terganggu

...miss^infinity... said...

yep.. flu made my life more miserable.. dysmenorrhea pon still boleh tolerate lg n taking PCM will reduce the pain but not for flu n fever.. u need a few tabs barulaa flu n fever goes away.. huhuu~~
i hate when im having flu n fever... nak sembahyang pon tak khusyuk.. huhuu~~

btw. all the best n get well soon..

Rafahiah Haron said...

nana, tidak sempat berehat =( but Alhamdulillah sudah sehat sekarang,hehe.

betta, siyes kerja sgt terganggu, dgn runny nose n nasal obstruction tu =(

miss infinity, yessss sgt betul, solat pun tak khusyuk, kalo solat kat surau umum n pakai telekung umum lagi teruk, habis telekung dgn air from runny nose. terpaksa bawak blk telekung utk basuh.huhu

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