Sunday, 5 June 2011


modified soca exam --> finished.

I want to talk about my dream last 2 nights..I was dreaming about a very close and lovely person who passed away because of a car accident. I woke up with tears, and with an urgent feeling to contact that person right at that time. But I didn't continue my intention. I tried to practice what our prophet has taught us,to act like spitting 3 times to the left side, when we're dreaming something which is not good.

In the morning, I heard that one of my juniors in high school had a car accident with his family. 3 of them died in the incident....

I have many similar experiences like this. Weird/Sad/Happy dreams-come-true.

If I accumulate every single dream-come-true (sometimes not exactly the same, but it relates) I had in the past, I can possibly make a novel.

But I'm not proud of it. When I was a child, I'm happy to have this "early-edition" life. I once dream about who will be in the top-3 list for our final examination when I was in primary 2. I told two of my friends about it (before the results came out), and when our teacher called us to take our report card, it turned out that the top-3 list was exactly the same with what I had dreamed of.

At times I think may be this is the way how Allah wants me to prepare for anything that will make me unhappy. Or how to be grateful for this earlier message. Because, when I'm not happy with my dreams, even though my friends told me it's okay if it happens that way, it will turn out that the dreams will be slightly changed into a worse condition.. (a little bit worse).

When I grow up, I always have this kind of dreams where I suddenly dream of someone unimportant/ or very important, and tomorrow when I wake up there must be a good/bad news about that person, depends on how she/he appeared in my dreams.

I may sound crazy talking about this..but I don't me crazy...haha..:P

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Wazie Wahidah said...

mimpi ko ni mmg bikin takut. hehehe.. siapa junior tu?

~zhdh~ said...

is dis means ur dream about me gonna b true? hehe...xkan?:P btw miss ya

Rafahiah Haron said...

mrs mdl - itu junior time sy form 5 kalo x silap..maybe wdh x pun ingat2 lupa..innalillahi wainna ilaihi raaji'un.. (tp dlm mimpi org lain x pernah mimpi camtu..huhu)

Rafahiah Haron said...

zahidah - which dreams zhdh, byk mimpi tentang zhdh ni..haha..miss you too.. tiap hari sy balik rumah ni online, tp zhdh xde pun..hehe

Betta sp said...

mimpi wali nih, dpt predict bnda yg akan dtg. org2 tua ckp jgn citer mimpi kita kt org len, nnt susah nk dpt blk mimpi camnih

Rafahiah Haron said...

betta : mimpi wali tu apa? takdela semua benda boleh predict..kdg2 ja kebetulan betul..hehe..

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