Thursday, 17 June 2010

My rare disapproval :(

Salam.. rajin pulak saya update blog lately..
Perasaan after exam kot..asyik nak update blog je..

Actually there's one thing that is haunting me over the past few..i'm not sure.. few days, few weeks, few months, or few years maybe?? Sometimes I think about it, and I can't get it out of my head because it's always happening. It keeps happening.

Sometimes I think I might have some 'liver' problems..(penyakit hati..not liver disease medically, if u know what I mean)

I'm really sorry if this post hurts anybody. I'm just trying to be honest with myself, or maybe I'm just trying to figure things out, I mean, to figure out why I feel this way when those things occur.

Today, i mean, nowadays, there are people who like to brag about themselves. Even though it was only a joke. In simple words : puji diri sendiri. If I were a psychic, I would love to see were they actually mean what they say, and why actually they have to say that. Do they have no one telling them that they are pretty whatsoever, or don't their parents tell them how to be humble, that they have to puji themselves by making a joke? So what, do they think by saying that, people who are listening would say the same things and does it make their confidence levels increase?

I always see good things in others. Everyone has his/her own uniqueness. I always have the idea that everyone is special in their own ways. And I love to express my admiration to people I like. But when it comes to someone who likes to make a joke by saying they are cute, pretty, handsome or anything, it seems like there's suddenly a wall coming in front of me that inhibits me to say whatever I wanted to say. And it seems to be an annoyance to me. I don't know why. That's why I said, I might have some 'penyakit hati' that I don't like this kind of attitude.

I notice that this kind of thing usually occurs in adults. And they do this repeatedly! Yes of course children also did, but don't you think it is generally acceptable if children did this?

And wait.. there's another attitude.. someone who likes to say bad things about themselves, which, in fact they know IT IS NOT true.. just because they want to hear others' opposite responses about it. You know what I mean?? And they do this repeatedly. How would you feel of person like this? Am I the only one who is annoyed by it?

Honestly, I don't meet one person with this behavior. They are many. So I don't actually pointing this post to anyone in particular. Never think that I'm pointing this to specific person. Honestly, it is only for general.

One main question arises from my mind :

Is it normal to have a feeling of annoyance and disapproval on such things?

Answers are not compulsory. Understanding is enough :)

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Zen said...

i think people who brag (unwittingly or not) abt themselves wanted to people to know what they are bragging about but are afraid of disapproval and scathing remarks. so they try to play safe.

and people who say bad things about themselves often seek attention and reassurance (mostly attention). I know a lot people you described and I was rather annoyed as well.

personally, these people are either insecure of themselves or just simply vain? I despise vanity, excessive vanity.

to your question:

i guess i know what you're thinking.People hate things, sometimes for no good reason. Like, I see someone and I decided I totally hate them just by looking at them. Until im convinced otherwise. Irrational hate.

WH said...

i try to understand. tp english pula ni. haha. xbah. kalau sy buat gini, kasi excuse aa :D

mmg dlm hidup ni bnyk org dgn perangai masing2 kt jumpa.. klau sy yg jahat mulut ni main ckp lepas jak ;p

klau dorg puji diri sendiri dlm joke, nafikan jak. dlm joke jgk. haha. jgn lyn la org gni ni. jauhkan diri ;p

Rafahiah Haron said...

Irwan - Thank you for supporting me :D U made it clearer - excessive vanity.

I can be neutral to certain person with this behavior. Some of them really wanted to make a joke. But we are not that stupid to not realizing kinds of person who were trying to seek attention.

Rafahiah Haron said...

WH - iya baa.. itu la tu.. certain person i'm neutral. tp kalo yang excessive, mcm ada denial dlm hati.huhu.

Tunggu kepulanganku :D

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