Saturday, 6 November 2010

Seberapa stress kah anda?

Do you see these pictures moving?

YES?? or NO?? Be honest to yourself :)


Yes - bermakna anda sedang stress
No - bermakna anda sedang tenang

Ok2, jangan stress2 k..mari bermain2 dengan gambar2 ni..

How many horses do you see? You should get 7.

Is the girl in red part of the puzzle or helping to put the puzzle together?

Do you see 4 people?

Do you see the 2nd deer on the trees?

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RoSeNoi♥A'n'L said...

Hohoho.... Kak stress rupanya....

Hayatul Mohamed said...

interesting! adik nmpak gmbar tu bergerak tapi tak rase mcm tengah stress pon sekarang,hehe.

dr naqi mohamed said...

ouhh,saya ssangat stress ke,gambar tu sangat bergerak dengan laju,haha

Rafahiah Haron said...

Mari kita baca interpretation test ni yg lebih tepat..hee..

"This stress test uses the rotating stress pictures to test the level of stress a person can handle: To test yourself, look at animated pictures below. For a normal person, they should all move at a slow pace, barely rotating.

The slower the pictures rotate, the better your ability of handling stress: Allegedly, criminals see stress test images moving and spinning around madly, while seniors and children see them still. If you still think that there's a trick here, you may wish to print it (even black and white) and by then you'll be sure that it's a still picture - these are not animated pictures of stress testing.

Look at them again and check your level of stress. The moving picture stress test will do the rest!"

Btw encik naqi, awak mmg tgh study, hehe.

Wazie Wahidah said...

oh sy masih mampu kawal stress sy. huahua. dulu masa d science world pernah ajar budak experiment optical illusion. so ada beberapa gmbr d sini kami print out. kesukaan dorg tgk bnda tu gerak2.

Rafahiah Haron said...

be, kalo stress baru2 kawin ni mcm pelik plak kan..hehehehhee..

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