Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Sweeter Success :)

Too many things happened in my private life recently. Thank you Allah for all the blessings. Sometimes it makes me think about quitting this long journey of becoming a doctor, and start a new chapter of a peaceful life, where I can learn more about my own religion, about the Almighty, and where I can concentrate more on my future (in this world and hereafter).

There are times when I think that I'm not walking on the right track. I'm being at the place where I'm no longer being me. A place which is not meant for me.

When I was 12, my life diverged into TWO big roads. Religion & Science. Religion where I can learn very detailed information about every single thing in Islam, and know less in science. Or Science where I can learn very detailed knowledge (which I discovered now that it's not) about every single thing in science, less in religion.

And now that I have chosen the latter, while accepting the opinion of others (don't make excuses because there are many ways to learn about our religion), I have to continue every piece of my remaining years to live a good life in the eyes of Allah.

I have accepted fear as a part of my life. The fear of being far away from my family since I was 13. The fear of repeated changes of my surroundings. Please do not be faithless, but stay in your place and do not turn back!!!

Anytime an obstacle came into your path, instead of questioning what if you failed, you should ask what if you don't try. Think about all the opportunities you will lose for not trying. Think about all the success that should belongs to you instead of others if you have given yourself a chance to try.

The path to success can NEVER be smooth and mistake free. When you look back in life in your later years, don't regret and says that you have not lived your life fully because you were afraid to try.

Always remember, the decisions is always yours to make. You should look back in your life and be happy about it as you have perform your best in everything by giving it a try.

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Wazie Wahidah said...

Alhamdulillah. betul tu, banyak cara mendalami agama. jadi doc tu pun mesti akan jumpa banyak perkara berkaitan agama.

saya rasa ko sangatlah berada di jalan yang betul. sangat beruntung lagi. hehehe. alhamdulillah.

tahniah sudah lulus exam ;)

Dr. Mahyuddin said...

Seorang doktor yang berfikir dan bermuhasabah diri akan menjadi seorang hamba Allah yang amat taat kepadaNya, kerana kita akan melihat kebesaran Allah sepanjang masa kita berurusan dengan pesakit.

Think and ponder about Abu Sina (Avicenna)...

Believe me.

Nur Muthmainnah said...

Teringat dengan novel denyut cinta medik..karya dr farhan hadi..hehe masa baca novel tu rasa mcm ..waahh mcm ni pla jadi dr..pastu ada diselitkan fiqh x berpa fham betul istilah2 kedoktoran..sngt best baca.. :) kak yah da pnh baca?

Rafahiah Haron said...

Sis wazie : hehe maybe tgh stress ni sbb tu post mcm ni..huhuhu..terbyg kesibukan nanti..not sure i can handle it or ni bukannya physically kuat..huhu =(

Abg Din : Yah takut HO sebenarnya..sbb bila teringat koas yg busy & stress especially waktu oncall tp HO lagi busy rasa mcm..boleh ke nk survive..huu..nk survive boleh kot insyaAllah dgn susah payah,,hehe, tp boleh ke nk jadi a good doctor. takut HO tp tiba2 jadi post mcm ni plak.huhu.. nway tq a.din, yah akan ingat

Kakak : kakak, kyah belum baca..nantila k.yah cari. hehe dulu pun before ambil medic, x terbyg pun keja doc mcm ni, waktu blaja teori rasa bessttt bila masuk clinical years baru nmpk keja doc ni mcm mana, kdg2 tgk mcm hamba pun ada lg2 yg junior2. xsangka kena berdepan dgn byk benda yg mencabar ksbrn..

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